Name:    Anne Renoult         

    Age:    33

    Nationality:    French

    Place of Birth:    Lyon

    Present Job:    Financial Administrator, Hope, Freetown

Former Job: Financial Accountant for Credit Agricole

Achievements: University of Lyon Short Course Wind Surfing Champion. All French Universities Slalom (ski-ing) finalist 1991

Favorite movie: La Reine Margot

Favorite band: Frances Caprel

Favorite Books:  I really don't read that much.

Hobbies: Ski-ing, Windsurfing and catching up with friends at dinner parties.

Reason for Joining Hope International: "I guess I have been so lucky in my life, I have been successful and had everything money could buy, now I have come to realize that money doesn't make you happy and I want to do something real that helps other people".