April 20 Security Matters
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["having a ........ is really a matter of life and death for all of us"]

Sunday April 20 Kamekwilu

9:30 pm: Last week we had the programme meeting for Kamekwilu. Some really interesting discussions on the programme came up. Petra and Ricardo presented their proposal for the future direction of the programme. Focussing on primary health care and water and sanitation in the district where we are. They talked lots about community participation and using income generating activities to help make the programmes sustainable. I thought that the programme should be more focused on logistics. When they asked me what I meant by that, I must admit I found it a bit difficult to explain fully the complexity of the concept. I was a bit surprised everyone didn't know what I was talking about, I was most surprised by Peter not knowing. We also talked about security awareness and Claudia suggested that we do a risk analysis for Kamekwilu. Peter once again gave another fancy power point presentation on what constitutes a risk analysis. I think that Anne must of helped him again. I don't know why Anne didn't do it herself, although she didn't seem to know much about the topic. Then we had a general discussion on what are the main threats to our operation. I nearly mentioned that we might have a problem with Abdulai or one of his rebel friends demanding $16,000 USD from us in the future for the construction materials on the house. But then I thought it is pretty unlikely these guys would come back.

I said that I would do the risk analysis for Kamekwilu. This is a really big responsibility. I will have to work quickly on this as having a risk anlysis prepared is really a matter of life and death for all of us even the national staff to some extent. Well most of the plans for our outreach activities are in place and I think we will be starting soon to expand. This is going to be really exciting and we will have to make a lot of orders for drugs and medical materials. I have started to do a bit of this this week.

The we talked a lot about Humanitarian space and how we could expand it in the country. Apparently lots of people want to make it smaller. Like sometimes the Government or some organisations make it smaller by there bad actions. It is a really complicated topic and really important if you are a humanitarian. If you don't have enough of it you can be in a lot of trouble.



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