April 30 You can never have too much!!
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["I finished.. the risk analysis.... which was...rewarding to.... perform an in depth analysis at this depth"]

Saturday April 30 Kamekwilu

6:45 pm: The last ten days have been really busy. I finished of the risk analysis for the base which was really rewarding to go through the process and perform an in depth analysis at this depth. Petra and Ricardo feel a lot more at ease in the knowledge that we have made ourselves a lot safer by having this document. They still haven't given me back any comments but I don't think I will have to change much before I send it to Claudia.

Petra gave me the drug order she needed for the new outreach programmes. She said it was based on the expected consumption for the next four months. Petra unfortunately didn't take into consideration the fact that you always need some extra stock. In InTech HiTech we always made sure we had enough stock. We were a pretty hot team and were always expanding. Dick Darlington said "you can never have to much stock" for him and our sales team it was just a bigger challenge. We could always clear the stock by putting the price down a bit when needed. It is the same with drugs. If you are a bit over stocked you just give out a bit more. So I doubled Petra's order and added a bit more just to be safe.

Peter rang Petra up to ask if she was sure about the order after I sent it and she said it was fine. She didn't know I had changed the order so I think she will be relieved when the order finally arrives that I had the good sense to add a little extra.

Well next week I am off to Paris and am really looking forward to the training. It will be a really great chance to meet other logs from the field and talk about our experiences.

Talk to you when I get back.



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