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A meeting with the people of the Adigo Village

A town near Kamekwilu, Sierra Leone

28th March 2005


After leaving the relative comfort of the base in Kamekwilu at 7:56 am we proceeded north east on Makeni highway bound for the little known village of Adigo. Very little was known about this mysterious village in the depths of the Sierra Leonean bush. There was some degree of trepidation among our party as we  all considered what lay ahead. All we knew was that once starting our fateful journey there would be no turning back.

We arrived in the village just on 10:35 am, we were presently surprised by the welcome that these villages had been able to arrange at short notice. At once our delegation met with the village Chief and his  aides. Petra our team leader for the assessment introduced our mission and the purpose of our visit.  The Chief then told us the needs of his village. He told us that this village needed assistance with:






clothes, pots and pans, charcoal etc






health care



We politely listened to his concerns and then moved onto the business of assessing this quaint village in the Sierra Leonean bush. Petra then requested that the meeting end due to time constraints and requested that she interview some of the women in the community. Sensing that this may cause offence I agreed to continue by myself the meeting with the Chief and sample some of the fine local beverages and food that this village had to offer. At the same time I was asked if I would like to listen to some traditional music and view some dance. I felt it improper to refuse such a gracious offer. I was then treated to a fine display of the local cultural delights.

After 2 hours of fine entertainment and food. Petra came in a panic saying she had found a sick mother in the throws of a difficult labour and we must return to the base immediately.  At that point I took leave of my new friends and parted on our humanitarian flight of mercy back to Kamekwilu in order to save the life of a young mother to be.


Due to time constraints it was not possible to conduct focus group discussions or look to closely at the water and sanitation in the village. The following characteristics of the village were noted:


There seemed quite a few people in the village.


The people seemed to have quite good food and an abundance as seen in the buffet lunch we were served.


People looked very healthy and there didn't seemed to be to many problems from the people I met at lunch.


Although the chief said that there were lots of problems in the village. I personally thought things looked alright.











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