Name:   Claudia Wong          

Age: 46

Nationality: German

Place of Birth: Berlin 

Present Job: Head of Mission, Hope International, Sierra Leone (a temporary assignment as she is also a member of the Hope International Emergency Team)

Former Job: Has worked for 15 years in Humanitarian Relief programmes in most parts of Africa (Rwanda, Zaire/DRC, Sudan, Ethiopia, Liberia etc. as well as central asia (Kashmir, Afghanistan, Tajikistan) with many organisations. Before joining the Humanitarian Releif field Claudia had finished her medical degree and was specialising in Surgery in Hanover.

Favorite Music:  A lover of Russian composers from Tchaikovski to Prokofiev to Katchataurian and after a hard day Dolly Parten

Favorite Book:  Don Quixote

Hobbies: None apart from reading the Paper and having a cup of tea on Sunday morning and swimming when I she gets a chance

Reason for working in the humanitarian field: "I feel that although humanitarian actors sometimes do the right things for the wrong reasons as well as making matters worse for all. NGO's like Hope stick up for people that no one else is going to give a damn about and that is our strength and why I continue to work in this field ".