September 30 The Beginning
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September 30 The beginning
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["I think maybe I can do something more worthwhile for 9 months than be a sub-assistant senior sales engineer with the best sales figures of  2003"]

Thursday September 30th  

5:15 am: No 3 Dawson St, South Sydney, Jen my girlfriend is still asleep. Mum and Dad are going to pick me up in half an hour and Jen will come with us to the airport.  Mum and Dad are a bit worried about me going to Sierra Leone in Africa, dad watches foreign correspondent a lot so he knows what it's like. Mum always worries, she panics even if I go on holidays to Queensland. Me and Jen, well were a good partnership, we're engaged and when I come back in 9 months we plan to get married twenty one months after that. Well I have to pack a few more things, wake Jen up and then mum and dad will be here.

7:15 am: Ok, I just said goodbye to Jen, Mum and Dad, Jen couldn't stop crying. But we will try and meet up on Holidays and we will just have to write a lot. What am I thinking?, well I'm excited, I'm nervous, I know it going to be tough, but I guess this is what life is really about, a real challenge and something more than money and a 250Hp, metallic green, 1999, Audi Capri with a 10 stack CD console. I think maybe I can do something more worthwhile for 9 months than be a sub-assistant senior sales engineer with the best sales figures of  2003.

I'm really excited about visiting Paris again and seeing how the headquarters works of this great humanitarian relief organization. They won some big humanitarian prize a year or two a ago, the Palm D'Or or something. 

I've been practicing my French a bit from the Berlitz tapes so when I'm there I can get around easier, I took French in year 8 and its surprising how much is coming back to me. Ok I guess I better go before I miss my plane, see you in 26 hours.


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