Dave's Mentor from his InTech HiTech Days

    Name:   Richard (Dick) Darlington    

    Age:    43


Place of Birth: Auburn, Sydney (although now lives in  Turramurra, a really nice leafy suburb of Sydney with good schools for the kids)

Present Job:    Chief Executive Sales Manager (Australasia and Oceania) for InTech HiTech, Selling high technology process control equipment for low technology applications such as technical colleges and the food service industries (restaurants) in the Sydney Metropolitan area.

Favorite movies: Pretty Woman and Black Hawk Down

Favorite bands: Dire Straits, Little River Band and Rod Stewart

Favorite Books:  7 Habits of Highly Effective People and Awaken the Giant Within, everyone should read these books.

Hobbies: " I like any sport with a high performance motor and water involved, I have a Jet-Ski and love going out on the Harbour with my high performance Twin Power Jet Rodeo Wave Master speed boat. I can tell you I've had a few problems with the water police in this baby".

Philosphy of Life: "Sales Engineering is a tough game, you have to have an incredible amount of self belief to keep your sales figures high. I suppose I believe that the most important thing in life is to get stuck in and give it a go. Also make that deal before its to late and your client has time to change his mind".