October 3 Freetown
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["The Head of Mission for Hope International Laurent De Loup, really blew up at me. He had to call Paris to report me missing............."]

Sunday October 3rd

1:00pm: Well I finally got to the Hope International office, I got a mini bus with Isah but it still took about two hours to get through the city to the other side of town. I left  Isah in his room without telling him with a thankyou note, the chocolate, cheese and the wine, it was least I could do after he helped me out and I guess he will like it a lot more than the my team in Freetown and the field and anyway the cheese was really starting to smell.

The Head of Mission for Hope International Laurent De Loup, really blew up at me. He had to call Paris to report me missing and has been checking with all the airlines where I had got to. I said I was sorry and told him I had some trouble at the airport and that I missed the Helicopter etc and got to town late and so didn't want to travel through the city at night.  He told me that within the first 24 hrs I had already broke more security rules than he thought was possible. I didn't tell him about the Hope Boxes being impounded by customs and having to report at immigration tomorrow. I thought it would be better if he calmed down a bit  first.

Eventually he calmed down, and then took me to the living quarters and said to relax and he would start to brief me tomorrow at 11:00 am and that he was glad that I had arrived safely. So now I am going to find a bed, I didn't sleep to well at Isah's place last night and its been a really mad 72 hours.




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