October 7 Nearly in Charge
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["These are the people who give life and death security information........."]

Thursday October 7th

11:45 pm: It was a really hectic day, I got up at 7:00 am still a bit jet-lagged and Claude, got up a little later at 9:00 am. He said that he is pretty tired and just needs more sleep these days. He handed over the bookkeeping and asked me if I really wanted to count the cash in the safe as we had heaps to do. I said I could do it tomorrow and signed off on the books for him. He said he would show me my Job description later. The most important thing was to meet a few of the main people in town like the Chief, the UN military commander and the Sierra Leone army guys. These people give you life and death security information sometimes and let you know what is going on.

We had breakfast, pretty basic but OK. At 11:00am we set off and met the UN military commander. Lieutenant something from Bangladesh. Claude said his name is in the security folder in the safe. He is a really nice man and has been here for 3 months and said that I can come over at any time and that if I hear any security information it would be really helpful if I could pass it on to him. When he heard I was from Australia he was really pleased. He said that he had a sister in Melbourne and that he had visited her and really liked Australia. He gave us tea and biscuits which was really nice of him. We left at 12:30pm and then Claude said that we should get some lunch. We had something called ground nut soup, this was rice and some sauce and chicken it was OK, at a little restaurant on the side of the road.

After lunch we went to see the SLA military commander, but he was out of town. Then we went to see the Chief, but he had gone to another town for a meeting. So we met some of the traders in town and had some cups of Tea with them. It was now about 5:00pm and we had to get ready for Claude's farewell party. The staff were throwing him a party tonight, Claude asked me if I had any money on me. I had to give him all my per diem about 400,000 leons so he could give it to the national staff to throw him a party. I don't think its to much money. He said he was broke after buying presents for his family. Anyway I still have my security money left.

Well it was a really nice party and the staff were really nice to give Claude such a farewell and he got pretty nice presents. Claude said that he had stayed an extra week to give me a handover, which was really good of him. We didn't get a chance to visit the programme activities but I will see them tomorrow with the staff. Well another packed day so goodnight and I will talk to you tomorrow.



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