October 11 My life
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["Its a bit lonely at the moment........"]

Monday October 11th

9:30 pm: I thought it would be good to tell you a little bit how I live now and what is my normal day. I suppose I am never really alone in my new life. I live and work in the same compound. We have a nice but small compound and part of the four room house is the office. It is a mud brick house but pretty solid. There is a pit latrine and we get our water from the well in the backyard. I wash from a bucket and this is OK. This is the dry season at the moment so we have to get the water from a well a few kilometres away. One of the cars is always water trucking to the compound and the feeding centre.

I get up at around 7:30 and have breakfast, the cook comes in the morning.  The two cleaner come in a bit later and the assistant cook comes at 9:00 am to help with lunch and dinner, there is also a maid who does the washing and ironing. We have two guards on duty during the day and three at night, since they take turns sleeping. So as you can see there is always someone around. Work starts at 8:30 am and finishes at 4:30am. Then dinner at 6 or 7 pm and then I have the evening to myself. There is not really much to do in town, I have a video and TV in the house and it will be good to see a movie or two when the generator is fixed. I will have a lot of time to myself in the evening for reading and just relaxing. Although it's not so easy reading by candle and a bit dangerous in bed if you fall alseep. The curtains caught on fire last night from the candle and a gust of wind. Lucky I was in the room. There are heaps of books in the house. There are even two or three in English, I'll have to ask Jen to send me a few.

So that's my new life, its going to be busy during the day, a lot of new names to remember and some time for myself in the evening. Its a bit lonely at the moment but once I get the generator working and get a satellite phone I can start emailing some friends and family. I won't nearly be so far away from home. See you tomorrow.



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