October 14 How much Missing?
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[This is about equivalent to $US 800 and Peter was really worried.]

Thursday October 14th

9:30pm (candlelight again, generator sent to Freetown)

A vehicle arrived from Freetown with some supplies and mail. I got a reminder from Anne that she wants the book-keeping by next Monday. Laurent the Head of Mission also wants a situation report (really important basically a security report). This means I will have to send a car to Freetown on Monday taking one of the cars out of our project. I guess we will just have to make to do with the other four and the truck! Christian the Logistics Coordinator still hasn't sent me the radio and the Satellite phone. I would be able to send my reports to Freetown on Monday by email if I had the sat phone instead of sending the car. If Christian hadn't blown his communications budget I guess I would have the phone by now. 

I asked Peter to go through the book-keeping and this afternoon he said he thought there was shortfall of around 1,600,000 Leone's. This is about equivalent to $US 800 and Peter was really worried. I said this was not so much( a few business lunches at Intech Hitech used to cost this much), then he said this also meant that we were short of money to pay wages tomorrow, up to 10 people would miss out on their salary. I told him not to worry and gave him the projects security money of $500 US to change in the market to make up the shortfall in the safe to pay salaries tomorrow, and then I had a stroke of genius. James the supervisor said that we were running out of food in the feeding center and he said that I had to order it from Freetown. Then I remembered I saw some CSB (corn soy blend) and lentils in the market, it looked as if it were the same as our food and was even in the same bags. I said to Peter that he should buy $300 US of CSB and lentils in the market to make up the rest of the shortfall, but ask the supplier to take this on credit and they can be paid when I get my next money transfer next week. Then I can put those receipts in this months book-keeping. Peter was pretty worried and did not think this was a good idea. Peter's a good guy but he sometimes doesn't show that can do spirit and gets unnerved a bit easily. I suppose I am I bit more used to reacting quickly to a situation and being creative, being a sales engineer you have to make up things quickly on the run.

So a pretty hectic day, a few problems but all sorted out by knock off time at 5:00pm. Hopefully I will get a new generator next week so I can get into the computer to read my Job description and handover report from Claude. Talk to you soon.





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