July 1 THE END
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July 1 THE END

["Jen and I broke up yesterday"]

Friday  July 1 Wollongong (at mum and dad's house in my old room)

6:30 pm: Mum will have dinner on the table in a few minutes she has made a lamb roast to welcome me home. Jen and I broke up yesterday. She said that I wasn't the person she wanted to marry anymore and she wanted to move on and that she had become attracted to one of the sales managers in Toxtel  communications where she works. I met him once at a party, I thought he was a bit of jerk and he only had a 2000 model BMW convertible (which did not get a good rating in wheels magazine that year it had pretty expensive maintenance costs, so my Audi was a much better buy).  I agreed to move out since she is still working and I let her have all the furniture, she selected most things anyway as she never thought my taste was all that crash hot.

Mum and Dad were a bit sad to see us break up, they wanted to see a wedding in the family and some kids I guess. It's funny looking around my room, I turn 30 next week and all the things in this room are from when I was 18 like the U2 Zooropa tour poster. Everyone feels a bit sorry for me and everyone in hindsight says that they saw it coming from the moment I joined Hope International. Maybe I saw it coming as well but just couldn't admit it to Jen.

So what does the future hold. Well I sent an email to Dominique early this morning and she sent me three job descriptions for Logistic Coordinator positions in Somalia, Darfur and Chechnya. I haven't decided which one I should go for but they all sound interesting. I haven't told mum or dad yet, but will over dinner. So I should be off again in a few weeks. I thought I might drive up the coast and go surfing for a week and visit my aunty in Brisbane.

Well that's the end I suppose, I will be flying off soon to another war torn country and continuing my great adventure with Hope International. I want to thank all those that have written in and contributed to the diary and the discussion page. It has been great to talk to Humanitarians from all over the world. I wish you all the best wherever you are and hope that you all stay safe in your epic struggle against grinding poverty.

Yours in humanitarianism,

David Donaldson




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