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["Petra seemed to think there was a lot of drugs missing....."]

Friday December 17th


Claudia came back yesterday and had some great news she had organised a new project site in Kamekwilu in the north of the country between Makeni and Bombuna. Next week I have to go up there and start to rehabilitate the new base. Anne took another week at the Club Mediterranean in Senegal and came back yesterday. She seemed to have had a really good time and met this guy called Frederic who is also working in Freetown for an organisation called Helping Hands. This organisation is a bit like Hope but not as professional and won't work in as tough or dangerous areas as we do. She seems a lot more relaxed and doesn't seem as serious or stressed out.

I had great fun with Petra sorting out the Pharmacy, it was really hot in there and the air-conditioner wasn't working. We had lots of cold drinks, that are kept in vaccine fridge. It was kind of nice all the staff keep cold drinks in the pharmacy vaccine fridge so you sort of get to say hello to everyone in the office after a day or two.

Petra seemed to think there was a lot of drugs missing, but the records were so badly kept that she couldn't prove a thing. She said that this happens a lot, sloppy record keeping and then it becomes really easy for things to go missing. Petra really sees things clearly and it is a real eye opener just talking to her. We had a terrific week going swimming after work at the beach and then we would go to a bar or club afterwards, she had found this great disco called De Milles with really great music, it was like being in a Janet Jackson video clip.

At the moment I can't think of anywhere I would rather be than here, sure this is a poverty stricken war torn country but I have never felt this alive, I am having great fun and doing a job that is really worthwhile. Well I am going to miss Freetown going back north, but it is going to be a real challenge doing the rehabilitation of the new base. Petra will join me in two weeks to set up the programme, once the rehabilitation is finished.

So I will  write you when I am in the Kamekwilu.



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