January 14 Caring!!
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["I suppose that's what being a humanitarian is all about, being able to have really passionate discussions on humanitarian issues"]

Friday January 14th

7:20pm Freetown

I have been in Freetown for the last few days attending our Country Programme Meeting. There was some interesting discussions. Although it started off pretty disappointingly with a presentation by Peter on logistics about cutting costs, improving efficiency and being transparent in our dealings with contractors and business people. It was all pretty obvious stuff and after his presentation everyone was really impressed and congratulated him even Petra. He did a fancy Power Point presentation (I think Anne must of helped him). What I thought was the presentation was lacking vision and the realisation that to get the job done sometimes you have to make a few compromises. I wanted to bring up the crazy paving and the Sienna Cream incidents but I thought  it would be a bit cruel to steal his thunder after  his presentation. I brought it with Claudia though and got a lot of issues off my chest at De Mille's night club on Thursday night. The music was pretty load so I'm not sure if she heard everything, but I think she got the idea.

We then had a really great discussion chaired by Petra about drug management and the new systems that have been put in place. She had some really great systems  and practical ones like moving the staff fridge and cold drinks out of the Pharmacy.

Then Claudia talked about the new programme in Kamekwilu and that we needed to be careful in starting up in Kamekwilu. It was the same discussion I had with her before I went to start the rehabilitation. She said that Kamekwilu was an important town held by the rebels and that a lot of the rebel commanders before the war ended just became businessmen by taking over property and businesses. They did this by muscle and violence. So she said you have to be careful with who you deal with. This got me thinking a bit, but then I thought that it couldn't be Abdulai she could be talking about, because he is such a nice guy.

Then we had an open discussion on a humanitarian issue. The topic was:

"Where does Caring stop and Humanitarianism begin"

This topic produced an incredible heated and vibrant argument. At one point Anne forgot to speak English because she was so wound up, which broke the tension a bit. I can't really remember what the outcome was after two hours, but it was a really interesting discussion and I suppose that's what being a humanitarian is all about, being able to have really passionate discussions on humanitarian issues.

Well I will spend the weekend here then back to Kamekwilu. So till next time.



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