June 10 Indecent Proposal
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["Ricardo and Petra both resigned last week..."]

Friday June 10 Kamekwilu

11:30 am: In two hours my replacement will come. She arrived in Freetown on Wednesday and I hope she got a good briefing from Peter and Richard. I am by myself at the moment. Ricardo and Petra both resigned last week after Richard sent an amended project proposal to Paris and got it pushed through the management team there. Petra and Ricardo said they would wait a few weeks for replacements.

Richard cut out the support and training for water committees in the proposal and training as part of the programme. I think Richard really wanted just to see latrines built and wells dug not all this community mobilisation and capacity building stuff that Ricardo keeps on going on about. He also wants to cut out the outreach and training programmes for health care. He says that we can get just as many beneficiaries if take over the outpatient department of the hospital. He also wants to do some HIV/Aids component in the programme maybe with anti retrovirals. Although Hope is not strictly a medical organisation, there is a lot of donor support in Freetown for this type of programme and one of the ambassadors used to work with an aids charity in her home country so is very supportive of Richards ideas. I thought maybe we should have discussed this with the hospital first before Richard sent the proposal to Paris. But I am sure it will work out alright.

Petra and Ricardo refused point blank to implement the new proposal saying it was a disaster waiting to happen and would create dependency within the hospital on Hope and that Hope didn't have the capacity or expertise to run part of a hospital. They got a little melodramatic I think and maybe forgot the main reason we are here. To help people living in grinding poverty and give solidarity as well as maintain our proximity with this population in danger. Even if we save just one person we have done our jobs. So they left this morning to Freetown to have it out with Richard and talk directly to Paris and try and change the decision.

I have written a pretty good hand over document. I kept it pretty short, as Veronique I am sure will not want a long document she'll just want the basics to get her going. I look forward to meeting Veronique and sharing with her the experiences I've had.



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