June 14 Evaluation Time
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["They really are a pretty gloomy pair."]

Tuesday June 14 Freetown

5:30 pm: I got stuck with Petra and Ricardo for the whole night last night which was a real drag. They really are a pretty gloomy pair. I thought it was a bit inconsiderate of them not trying to have a good time with me on my second last night. So tonight I will have a drink with Richard instead. After all I have to fly back to Paris with them tomorrow.

The debriefings went really well and I even got a good evaluation from Peter. He had some criticisms of me but had to admit that what ever his concerns were that I had performed Ok in most things and had done a great job on the rehabilitation of the base. He said that  he was really impressed that I had brought the job to completion under budget, which he had never seen before ( I didn't have the heart to tell him about the $16,000 worth of receipts outstanding, but with Abdulai now in prison it unlikely he is going to come asking for the money) . He was always a bit concerned about me not really liking to follow the rules but the main thing is the end outcome which he was happy with. After a few differences between us we parted on pretty good terms.

Richard was really impressed with me and thought although he had known me only for a short while that I had shown a lot of strength not to get pulled into the problems that the team was having with the capital. He also thought I could perform at a much higher level and recommended me to become a Logistic Coordinator or Project Coordinator in the future.

Well I am looking forward to have a great last night on the town. I am planning to go to De Milles for some dancing. I will see you in Paris.



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