June 2 Learning Opportunity
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["Ricardo read it and called him a dictator."]

Thursday June 2 Kamekwilu

9:30 pm: The situation between Ricardo, Petra and Richard has deteriorated.  Richard asked Petra and Ricardo to send down the amended proposal by today. They haven't done anything on it and sent an email saying that they think the present proposal is fine and if Richard wants changes then he can make the some suggestions. I thought this was a bit of a negative attitude. I wrote to Richard as well with a cc: to Anne that I thought it might be a good idea to leave the bookkeeping for May until my replacement comes so I can do it with her. I thought this would be a really great learning opportunity for her. He wrote back immediately and said that was a good idea. Anne then wrote a few emails to Richard with a cc: to me that I should do it since Anne can't close the missions bookkeeping without the Kamekwilu bookkeeping. I guess Anne is also having trouble seeing the bigger picture like Petra and Ricardo.

My replacements name is Veronique and she is a first mission. It is going to be a really steep learning curve for her. There is so much to this job and without a good helicopter view you can really get bogged down in detail and lose sight of your end goals. Richard sent a Memo about this to all the bases and talked about keeping up team moral and all working together. He said that is was important that we kept our spontaneity and looked for new ideas. Ricardo read it and called him a dictator.

Well Veronique comes on the 10th of June and I will give her a 3 day handover. Then I will have a debriefing on the 14th and fly to Paris on the 15th. It will be great to get back to Paris again. I was a bit jet lagged when I came back from Paris last time. So I hope this doesn't knock me around when I go for my debriefing. I think it will be very important for them to hear what I have to say. Well till next time.




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