June 24 Home Alone
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["He said that he was glad that I had finally got the helping people thing out of my system"]

Friday June 24 South Sydney

7:30 pm: I have been back in Sydney for one week now. It is a kind of strange feeling, being so busy for so long and now I seem just to want to sleep and watch TV. I have caught up with a few friends since being back. They ask a few questions about what it was like and then we talk about the St George Illawarra Dragons (the local football team) who has been getting good deals in sales engineering, who's working for who and who is getting married. I used to have great fun having some beers and talking about these things but I can't get that enthusiastic now.

Jen had already started asking around for jobs for me so I can get back in to sales engineering. I spoke to Dick Darlington my old boss and he said there might be a position opening up in a month or two and that I could lead a new sales division selling high technology solutions for low technology applications in the gardening industry. He said that he was glad that I had finally got the helping people thing out of my system and I am back to make some big bucks with InTech HiTech. A year ago I would have jumped at the opportunity. Today I rang him back and said that things have changed a bit for me and I was going to take a bit of time off. Jen got pretty angry with me and said she was really disappointed and that it was about time that I got my act together. She said she had to wait nine months for me so I could go through this ridiculous humanitarian phase. All her friends couldn't understand what I was doing and were laughing at me. The she said it was about time got a real job so we could pay for the wedding and starting living in the real world instead of worrying about all these poor people that I keep on going on about and that she is sick of hearing about.

Jen left in the afternoon without saying a word. Tonight I got invited out to have a drink with some friends. I feel a bit silly having to wear a suit to go to the pub so I think I will give it a miss and stay home alone.

Hope International ask me to do some presentations to school kids so next Monday I will do my first one which should be fun. On Sunday there will also be a barbeque for Hope International field workers where we can have a bit of a talk about humanitarian issues etc. I am looking for ward to this as well.

Ok I will talk to you early next week.




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