December 10 The Office
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["It is a big responsibility having to handle security, administration, the finance and logistics for the whole country programme"]

Friday December 10th

10:15 pm

Well what a mess, Christian really let things go. A lot of things have been left idle for the last few months and the staff have been really frustrated. I think they are really happy to have me in the office. Anne has been pretty stressed out with all the problems over the last few weeks, so Claudia sent her on a weeks leave. She said before she left that only absolutely necessary small value logistics items can be purchased and they have to be approved by Claudia.

Claudia has gone to Rouks to help the new team for a few days and to assess a possible new project area.  Only Petra and I are in Freetown so we are sort of in charge I suppose. It is a big responsibility having to handle security, administration, the finance and logistics for the whole country programme. Claudia, said that if there is even the smallest of problems, then I have to call her and she can be back in Freetown in a few hours. Well I think I can handle things by myself for a few days.

There are lots of things that just haven't been done for months. That have been held up by Christian and it seems for really small reason, things like he required a second quotation or that he needed a stock report to check the present stock levels before making a purchase. The logistics staff explained that stock reports can take weeks because the store is so big and most traders in the market don't even have receipt books so how can they get a second quotation. I think Christian was just pretty much exhausted at the end. It seems he was unable to make decisions any more. I always say that the only thing worse than a bad decision is no decision.

After a few days things started to run a lot more smoothly in the logistics office and we cleared a lot of the backlog of orders. Peter wanted to speak to me privately a few times, I said to him he could say anything to me and that he didn't need to say it in private. He then wouldn't say anything, this is a little strange, he finally caught me yesterday outside the office before I was leaving and said that I should follow the procedures when making a purchase or wait till Claudia gets back and to get her advice on things. Well I thanked Peter for his advice, but he is really a bit over cautious and just seems to worry constantly.

Well tomorrow I promised I'd help Petra in the Pharmacy with the stock count and getting a good inventory system together, well that's what she told me we were going to do.

Ok I am off to the beach with Petra so until next time.....



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