June 29 Knowing Me Knowing You aha!
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["I said that just because your parents feed and cloth you, does that make you dependent?"]

Wednesday June 29 South Sydney

6:15 pm: I went to the Hope International barbeque on the weekend. It was really great fun and really good to talk to people who had similar experiences to me. I spoke to one girl called Brooke who had just come back from Zambia, she said it was a really great place. I was surprised to hear this as only this week there was more in the news about all the bad things that President Mugabe was doing to the poor people. It goes to show you that the media sometimes gets it wrong. A heard some fantastic stories about war torn countries and I was a bit envious of the people that were leaving soon again on another mission.

Then on Monday I gave my presentation to the kids. They really enjoyed it and I think I was able to get them to understand what working in a war torn country was really like. Some of the kids asked some pretty funny question. One boy asked "does giving things to people make them dependant". It was a strange question, I said to him that just because your parents feed and cloth you does that make you dependent. I think he got the point. Petra is talking to schools as well about Hope's work and sent a picture. It was good to hear from her and she is having a good time with Ricardo in Amsterdam with nice summer weather.


Jen and I have tried to talk things over in the last few days. She has taken me shopping a few times, but I feel a bit guilty every time I buy something as I feel that I don't really need it and when I compare what I have got with the poor people in Africa, it seems a bit selfish to get more new clothes. I have been playing the guitar a lot over the last few days and found 101 hits for buskers with some great Joni Mitchell, Bob Marley and Bob Dylan songs. I have also been playing around with my own versions of Where is the Love by the Black Eyed Peas, Feed the World by Michael Jackson, Do they know its Christmas and We are the World. Jen doesn't really like these songs very much and has put up the volume of her new Cold Play album really loud when I start strumming. Pretty inconsiderate really. I think if she would only listen to words of these songs she would understand who I am now and how I have changed. I guess I having been trying to get through to her in this way. If only she would open up and let humanitarianism enter her heart.

Till next time.



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