October 9 The Donors
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["..there was food from the donors in the local stores.."]

Tuesday November 9th


The donor visit was a little bit different to what I expected. They left two days ago. They had a lot of questions and a lot of the time they seemed kind of perplexed, we have a pretty complex programme so I guess it is kind of hard to completely pick up all the intricacies quickly.  They asked me how many vehicles we had in the project and I said that we had 4 Land cruisers and a truck. They seemed to think there were 5 in the project. They said probably one had been sent to another project before I got here, but they will check it out.

There were two people from the donors, another two from two of the embassies in Freetown and two national staff. I can't remember the countries the embassy staff were from, they were only secretaries any way, well they were 1st secretaries (everyone wants to make their job more impressive I suppose).  They wanted to check my book keeping, and I said I hadn't finished it for this month yet. They said they would finish it for me if I liked. So I just gave them all the receipts and let them count the money in the safe. They said they would send me a copy in a few days to help me finish the book keeping for the end of the month.

They went for a bit of a walk around the town and asked about why there was food from the donors in the local stores. I said that we had been worried about this as well, but they seemed to come from another town. Then they asked to look at the stock cards for all the stock items and said that they would fix them up for me and send them back in few days. They said that they would also leave one of there national staff to undertake a stock count and inventory for the next few days. I said that Peter could help them (that should keep him happy).

Well it was interesting to see how they work and they were really helpful, doing the bookkeeping for me as well as fixing up the stock cards and doing the stock take. Well I am due for R&R this weekend. I will go to Freetown for a few days and unwind. Till next time.



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