March 1 Obsession
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["He said.... I was obsessed with Angelina Jolie's......"]

Tuesday March 1

11:10 pm Kamekwilu

Well, I just had the weirdest discussion with Ricardo. He said that I was neglecting the normal logistics work, like making orders and purchases for his water and sanitation programme because I was obsessed with Angelina Jolie's visit. He just doesn't understand that I have a lot of work and I have to set priorities according to the many needs of this programme. I am surprised with all his experience that he fails to recognize that other aspects of the programme are as, or even more important than building a few latrines. Anyone in my position would agree that ensuring that Angelina has an enjoyable visit to Kamekwilu is the number one priority at the moment. I got really annoyed when Ricardo said as if he knew Angelina, that she is not some one who likes a lot of fuss made over her and she would just prefer to see the programmes and meet the beneficiaries. Ricardo knows nothing about famous people obviously.

The UNHCR advocacy officer has been really helpful and has been able to set out what is required for a visit of some one as important as Angelina. Her name is Nahreen and it has been really interesting talking with her about humanitarian issues. In the UN advocacy has a completely different meaning. Advocacy is when you promote your organisation (the UN) first in order to secure more founds which will in turn help the beneficiaries if you really need too. It is about letting people know that your organisation does really good work without being to specific about it (which would only confuse the public anyway). I thought maybe Hope could learn a thing or two from the UN. I mentioned this to Petra and Ricardo, but they said that advocacy is about speaking out on behalf of the poor, the oppressed, populations in danger etc. I don't think they could really see the UN's perspective, I think my Sales Engineering background allows me to see the marketing aspects of advocacy that Ricardo and Petra can't see.

Well it's only one more week before Angelina comes and I for one cannot wait. Till next time.






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