March 8 It's Time (nearly)
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["Some of the kids looked pretty sick.... I thought I shouldn't stay too long."]

Tuesday March 8

10:30 pm Kamekwilu

Angelina comes in two days and I am just finishing off the final arrangements for her visit. I went to visit Petra at the Clinic and Ricardo at his latrines to learn a bit about the programmes, so that if Angelina asked me any questions I could answer them. Visiting Ricardo at the site of his community latrine programme was a bit of a drag, he just complained about his shortage of cement and iron bars for the latrine slabs and then tried to show me how important his programme was. He made me visit a house with an old man who is looking after his daughter's 5 children who had been left orphaned. He showed me the hole the old man had dug by himself so he could have a latrine. The old man had been waiting a week for his toilet slab. Ricardo went a bit overboard I think, making the point that he needed cement. Ricardo suggested that with all my responsibilities it might be better if he took over some of the logistics for me. This was really kind of Ricardo to help out like this.

The mother and child health clinic that Petra set up looked pretty nice. The staff from the ministry of health seemed friendly. Some of the kids looked pretty sick, so I thought I shouldn't stay too long.

Nahreen from UNHCR has set the programme for the visit and it is a pretty tight schedule. The UN has really nice 4 wheel drives with drivers that wear uniforms and the cars are really clean, very impressive. Dick Darlington my former boss from InTech HiTech always said you can tell a lot about a person by the car they drives, I guess the same applies for organisations. Sure the UN looks impressive, but I still wouldn't swap being in the field for a nice office job on a UN salary in Freetown, with all its nice restaurants and bars. I said to Nahreen, that not much is happening in the Latrine programme of Ricardo because of a lack of materials  and it might be an idea for Angelina to miss this out. I think Nahreen got the point.

Ok I have to get back to preparing the welcome banner for Angelina. I am going to have to attach it between the HF  and VHF radio antennas on the roof. You should be able to see the welcome banner from at least a kilometre away.

Speak to you in two days to let you know how the visit went.






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