May 14 The Times They are a Changing
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["in the field the supply circle becomes a triangle"]

Saturday May 14 Kamekwilu

9:50 pm: I have been back in Kamekwilu for a bit over a week now. I have been implementing a lot of the theory I learnt on the course back on the base. There is a bit of difference however between theory and how things really work in the field. For instance in the field the supply circle becomes a triangle. I think maybe those guys in Paris running the course have forgotten what it's like in the field.

We all learnt that Claudia will be leaving next week. The emergency team in Paris wants her back for Darfur. She will be replaced by a guy called Richard Steele. Apparently he has heaps of experience.  Well Claudia was up again this week and the project proposal for Kamekwilu was finalised and sent to Paris. We are locked into a two year programme with lots of training and capacity building for primary health care and there will be community based water and sanitation programmes with income generating activities that will help support the clinics and the programmes. Petra and Ricardo have both agreed to extend there contracts by an extra 6 months to make sure the programme works out. It all sounds good but I think there is a bit to much emphasis on sustainability which can be a big mistake in post conflict situations or maybe it is conflict situations. Well anyway it all sounds like a lot of work for building a few toilets and handing out some drugs.

My contract finishes in one month as well. They have already found a replacement so I will be able to give a good handover.  Well, talk to you all soon.



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