Name: Peter  Konah        

Age: 27

Nationality: Sierra Leonean

Place of Birth: Kambia

Present Job: Logistic Coordinator, Hope, Sierra Leone

Former Job: Logistics Coordinator Hope International, Freetown ( was previously Logistic Assistant for Hope, Rouks)

Achievements: Came first in second year of economics at Formbay College. Secretary of the Students Association in 1998.

Favorite movie: Sarafina

Favorite singers: Jimmy Cliff, Nasio Fontaine and Steady Bongo

Favorite Book:  Anything I can get my hands on.

Hobbies: Volleyball, soccer and reading.

Reason for Joining Hope International: "I needed a job to support my family, but I also wanted to  help rebuild my country and work with foreign NGOs to gain experience and be able to work in a professional work environment".