Name:   Petra Havelar            

    Age:    27

    Nationality:    Dutch

    Place of Birth:    Rotterdam

Present Job:    Nutritionist, Kamekwilu, Sierra Leone

Former Job: Laboratory Research, since joining Hope she has worked in Burundi and Chad as a Nutritionist.

Achievements: Ran up the World Trade Center by stairs in 1hr 43 minutes in 1997.

Favorite movie:  Los Amantes de Circulo Polar

Favorite band: Acda en de Munnik

Favorite Book:  Zoeken naar Eileen W.

Hobbies: Dancing, going to the theatre and  photography.

Reason for Joining Hope International: "I always wanted to work and live in different cultures. This kind of work gives me an opportunity to see the world as it is and try and do something worthwhile".