Name: Richard Steele        

Age: 43

Nationality: Canadian

Place of Birth: Montreal 

Present Job: Head of Mission, Hope International, Sierra Leone ( Replaced the dedicated and popular Claudia Wong)

Former Job: Has worked as a Financial Administrator in Uzbekistan and Tanzania for Hope International. Before joining Hope he worked as the Junior Assistant Director of Communications for Expol Oil and Mineral Exploration in Montreal.

Favorite Music:  Robert Palmer, Simple Minds, Bryan Adams and Talking Heads

Favorite Book:  Thinking Hats by Edward de Bono

Hobbies: Hosting intellectually stimulating dinner parties with friends and adventure tourism with a guide and a respectable tour company with a good mix of people around my age or younger.

Reason for working in the humanitarian field: " Being able to take command and take decisive decisions is something I have always been good at and something that the Humanitarian world needs more of. I have had a dynamic and successful life and now feel I can give something back through my commanding management style."