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Risk Analysis of Risks in Kamekwilu

Last updated 25th April 2005

This document is classified and should be locked in the safe or destroyed


Sierra Leone is a war torn country in Africa, it used to have a really bad war but this stopped a while ago. There are lots people living in grinding poverty with limited humanitarian space. Unless this humanitarian space can be increased it is likely that tens of thousands could die from near certain death. With this rapidly changing context and an ever expanding population in danger who need international donor support to provide life saving relief supplies it is clearly an environment that a context changing. For Humanitarian NGOs to operate in Sierra Leone it is important they are prepared for the worst.


The following are the main threats to safety and security in Kamekwilu.


A really long and hot dry season, that can really be unbearable at times.


Heavy rains, sometimes there can be leaks in the roof and these can damage personal belongings.


Inter team relationships, which can damage the cohesion of the team.


Working late in the office as this can draw down the batteries and make it dangerous to go to the toilet in the night without light (a few heated discussions have occurred on this issue in the past).











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