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Course No: 1043B

Course Name: Essentials for Humanitarian field workers

Dates: June 23-28 2005, August 18-23 2005

Price: 1,250 (not including 25% sales tax)

Course Description:

Participants will learn the fundamentals of humanitarianism taught by our own Hope international training experts. In this 4 day residential training course participants will stay on the outskirts of Paris in the palatial Auberge de Juenese just around the corner from the Gare du Nord.


Day 1: In the morning participants will enjoy an informal introductory session and be able to get to know the other course participants. Trust exercises will follow ensuring strong bonds develop between participants developing team cohesion which is an essential aspect of life in the field.


In the afternoon participants will be given an in depth lecture on Humanitarian Law, the Geneva convention, the Convention on the Rights of the Child and Working with Sphere Standards and the Code of Conduct. The afternoon session will give participants a strong working knowledge of these important humanitarian documents that they can use in the field.


In the evening a delightful buffet dinner will be served and after participants can retire to the hotel bar and get to know each other better in this congenial and informal setting.


Day 2: Will comprise of challenging team building exercises. Working in teams is an essential aspect of humanitarian work. From 9:00 am to 10:00pm participants well gain a broader understanding of what working in a team in the field is really like.



Day 3: On day three participants will break into small working groups where they will be given a humanitarian topic to research and discuss. Then in the afternoon presentations will be given on these fascinating humanitarian topics such as:


In the evening two Hope International Volunteers will relate their experiences in the field and answer the multitude of questions that participants will have stored up. Then a short film showing the important humanitarian work of Hope International will be shown, compared by Keifer Sutherland with the haunting music of Kenny G.


Day 4: What is like to be a refugee and what are they really like. Participants will build their very own Refugee camp housing 10,000 needy and desperate refugees only using clay, straws, paper and small human and animal figurines. Participants will race against time to give the refugees life saving relief supplies, medical attention, shelter, water and food as well as taking care of their sanitation needs. At the same time they will have to deal will rebel forces and reluctant government officials. Is there any Hope for these refugees. Participants will find out if they are up to the challenge.


In the evening participants will take part in an incredibly motivating and uplifting challenge that will confront their fears. The fire-walking exercise is designed to reach deep into the new humanitarian and give him or her a burning desire to work in the most difficult and dangerous working environments possible.





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