Name:  Veronique La Croix    

  Age:    29

  Nationality:    French

  Place of Birth:   Embrun, France

  Present Job: Log/Admin Kamekwilu for Hope International (Replacing David Donaldson)

Former Job: Construction Engineer for Transect Construction Consultants. She has worked in Design, Project management and Risk Analysis over her time at the company

Favorite movie: Monsieur Hulot's Holiday and all Jacque Tati films

Favorite music: Manu Chau, Mano Negra and Randy Newman

Hobbies: Kite flying, Canyoning, Caving and Hiking in the Alps.

Reason for Joining Hope: " I have always wanted to work in the Humanitarian field, I wanted to wait till I was confident I had the skills required. I feel like I could be some help now."