February 5 Closer
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["after a few drinks and with this heat  and isolation that you become very close to people..."]

Saturday February 5

8:20 pm Kamekwilu

Well it is only one more week before I go on leave. I will meet Jen in Zanzibar. Me and Jen need to sort out a few misunderstandings. She thinks that my friendship with Petra is more than just a friendship. It just seems to me at the moment nothing I say will  help. I tried to explain that after a few drinks and with this heat  and isolation that you become very close to people.

Well I finally finished the rehabilitation of the base. I got one of the guards to paint lines on the driveway to make it look like crazy paving and I mixed white paint with chocolate brown to come up with a dark sienna cream. The tukul in the back that I built for our meals is a bit smaller than the original design. This isn't such a great problem, Ricardo just has to sit on the wall of tukul facing outwards.

Ricardo is still going with his assessments. He apparently come up with all these interesting findings. The headquarters in Paris is apparently really impressed with his work and Claudia is coming up at the end of the week to discuss the design of the water and sanitation programme with him. With the amount of time he has had, he could have solved the water problem in Kamekwilu. Well its not his fault he just takes it pretty slow. Ricardo has been helping  out Petra a fair bit. A lot of this work is more logistics, but I think it is good him to do something practical as he does precious little practical in his own Job. Petra has a lot of patience the way she puts up with Ricardo.

I almost forgot Peter is also coming up with Claudia at the end of the week. I think it will be good for Peter to see the finished product and pick up a few pointers. I think it will be a good chance to get our working realtionship back on track.



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