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September 30 The beginning
October 1 Paris
October 2 Conakry
October 3 Freetown
October 4 Briefing
October 5 Laurent & Me
October 6 The field
October 7 Nearly in Charge
October 8 The phone
October 10 No Generator
October 11 My Life
October 14 How much Missing?
October 19 My Informants
October 22 Always do it yourself
October 27 Why an Evaluation?
November 9 The Donors
November 20 R&R was great!
November 21 Is this me?
November 27 No Project !!!
December 3 The Beach
December 10 The Office
December 17 Club Med
December 24 Tuscan Rendering
December 30 Sienna Cream
January 7 It's Personal
January 14 Caring!!
January 21 Getting to know You
January 28 Need Assesments
February 5 Closer
February 12 Police Harassment
February 22 Beyond Borders
March 1 Obsession
March 8 It's Time (nearly)
March 10 Radio Silence
March 18 Represntation
March 31 Assessments
April 10 Re-Assessment
April 20 Security Matters
April 30 You can never have too much!!
May 6 The Strong Leader
May 14 The Times They are a Changing
May 25 Richard the Third head of mission
June 2 Learning Opportunity
June 10 Indecent Proposal
June 13 The Handover
June 14 Evaluation Time
June 17 Debt, Drugs and Pot Plants
June 17 In Transit
June 24 Home Alone
June 29 Knowing Me Knowing You aha!
July 1 THE END

Name:   David Donaldson                 

Age:    29

Nationality:    Australian

Place of Birth:    Wollongong

Present Job:    Logistician/Administrator, Rouks, Sierra Leone 

Former Job:     Sub-Assistant Senior Sales Engineer for InTech HiTech. Selling high technology process control equipment for low technology applications such as technical colleges and the food service industries (restaurants).

Favorite movie:    The Matrix

Favorite band: U2, because of the humanitarian message of Bono

Favorite Books: Dune, anything by Isaac Asimov and for history Colleen McCullloch and for politics John Grisham. 

Former Achievements: 1995 Winner of the Australian Universities wake-boarding quarterfinal. 1994 Secretary of the Sydney University Snowboarding  association, 1998 Winner of the Northwest section of the Wollongong Toastmasters (public speaking) semi-final.

Hobbies: Hiking, all water sports that require difficult to put together equipment, playing and singing heavy metal ballads with difficult guitar solos on a semi-acoustic guitar, reading non-technical scientific magazines and travelling to developing countries like Bali.  

Reason for Joining Hope International: "I've had such a blast in the last 7 years after leaving University, I just want to give something back especially to the kiddies. A lot of them don't have much to smile about, I guess I just want to give them some hope. And I think it will be a great experience for me. I will know what its like for these type of people. Why did I join Hope and not some other organization. I guess I really like the organizations  volunteer philosophy "people who want to help regardless of  ability".




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