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SAVE KADIATU(only $44.95)

Save Kadiati is a fascinating board game for children 4-11years. 

Join Kadiatu as she is she is found to be malnourished by a Hope International Health worker and is taken into the Hope international feeding center.

Can you save Kadiatu?

It is your job now to keep Kadiatu alive making sure she gets the nutritional care she deserves.

Great fun for all the family especially for budding humanitarian's.


What you get:

o       Board game for 4 children.

o       Simple explanation of Kadiatus dietary requirements.

o       Kadiatu the doll, cups, plates, syringes, systematic drug treatment for Kadiatu, sleeping mat and mosquito net.

Special features

Kadiatu has a special regulating system, once your chilren agree to care to for Kadiatu she must be fed on time and given the correct drugs, if not your children will gain the ultimate humanitarian learning experience.


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