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Situation Report

Rouks, Sierra Leone

Time 10:40 pm Sunday 17th Octoberl 2004

Security Level: 4 (or 1 if the most safe is 1 and not four, I couldn't remember)

Humanitarian Situation:

The humanitarian situation is pretty stable at the moment with the normal movement of people in and out of the town usually in buses or on trucks going to other big towns. It is still the dry season. If there are no rains in the coming rainy season there could be widespread crop failure leading to starvation of the local population.

Liberian refugees have been reported on the move, it is possible within the next few weeks thousand could reach our location, although we are 200km from the border according to my sources the Liberian refugees can be very persistent and may attempt to come to Rouks.

There are rumours that Mosquito (the rebel commander) is not dead, I will keep you posted if I hear any more information.

We have good emergency preparedness with two tents and a 109 buckets to meet new arrivals.

Security Indicators

Humanitarian Access: Although I have been a bit busy to complete much access, my sources tell me it is quite good at the moment, however things can change very quickly at any moment here and it pays to be vigilant.

Curfew Expatriates: Going well

Curfew Local Population: I don't think they have one.

Conduct of Security Forces: Very friendly had Tea and biscuits with a Major (have to check his name) from Bangladesh.

Violence and Disturbances: Heard a really bad argument a few doors down from me on Tuesday night.

Incidences of Gunfire: I thought I did but it was just falling timbers being unloaded from a truck a few doors down on Wednesday.

Operation of Market: really busy during the day and heaps of nice things to buy.

Major Problems Encountered during the last two Weeks

No major problems, everything is running pretty smooth and I am getting a good handle on the local humanitarian situation and the local context.

bulletNo generator
bulletNo satellite phone or radio for communication (still waiting to receive from Freetown, apparently problem with the budget)
bulletRan out of food in the feeding centre
bulletWe had no water in the feeding centre for three days











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